What qualities these entrepreneurs have in common?

Taking the analysis for Latin American entrepreneurs Diego Arria (1999) "First an education in the United States" and in the best national and European universities, "the second work experience with multinational corporations, and third a sense of opportunity outside what united to a common knowledge also unusual in the region where deployed its efforts and resources. This coupled with a persistent sense of innovation and growth training, training, education, culture and development.

"The technical and managerial elites in Latin America associated with private companies represent a capital for their conditions and exceptional talent -second to none- in the world. They are certainly a dramatic contrast with the majority of political leaders in the region. "(Arria, D. 1999)

In fact their training is far superior to that of their parents or their grandparents say - because thanks to them, and other scholarship programs were able to learn in the best education centers in the United States and Europe. They speak the language of inclusiveness, swim easily in its flow and to the extent that gain access to capital markets will fly high in the world. "

Entrepreneurs are faced with a scenario of Latin America "perceptions eufóricas and fragile realities. De economic areas subject to crises that through no fault of their behavior oblige employers to demands greater than their colleagues in other latitudes, which is of course a very serious structural disadvantage for them "(Naim, 2004)


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