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Although Orangex,  a venezuelan company located in Maracay, began operations in 1996, led by the brothers Carlos and Gonzalo Egaña, as part of staff, the company had previous experience in the field of industrial production , specifically in the manufacture of parts and metal products.

The precedent of this firm, today dedicated exclusively to the production of “exprimidores”or juicers,  juice manuals and kitchen utensils, was Indumet, an industry-owned smelting Fernando Egaña (father), who created it in 1960. The company remained in operation until 1995, when it was sold to the American company Dana Corporation, which manufactures metal parts for the automotive sector.

The range of products was the most highlights in the catalog of Indumet: casting tubes, connections for water drainage, parts for the automotive industry, and also products kitchen. "The first juicer we did in 1990. There was just one more item on our list of products. It was then also made pans and pots of molten iron, "recalls Charles Egaña, president of Orangex.

Before that Indumet be sold, and the idea had gained ground to continue developing models of juicers. The main selling point was the belief that the product they were producing was far superior in quality to most of those who were marketed internationally. Carlos Egaña considers that at that time already outlined the goal of the new company. "In 1995, we were fully convinced of the quality of our product. It had a significant presence in the domestic market, but we knew we could sell the juicers abroad. That vision that we could compete in foreign markets was the key to the emergence of Orangex. "

The agreement to sell the company  included a clause requiring part of the staff, among others Carlos Egaña and his brother Ricardo, to continue working with the new owners during the period of one year. So the simultaneous fulfillment of those responsibilities, worked hard in structuring what would be Orangex, guarding key details such as the cycles of planning and production, as well as in selecting the most qualified personnel.
Being conceived as a company modest in terms of its physical dimensions and volumes of production, from the very beginning those responsible for Orangex thought that the future of the company was exporting.

In addition to Venezuela and the United States, Orangex products are exported to 22 countries. These are: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Australia, Kuwait, New Zealand, Indonesia, Netherlands Antilles and Bahamas . In 2003 joined the list Japan and Singapore.

The president of Orangex said,  "We are where we are thanks to innovation, not only of products but also on how to do marketing; to the creativity that makes the staff and work every day, and finally, the commitment to the quality because from the beginning we have been a company focused on the more demanding markets. The combination of these factors is the key to our success, "said Charles Egaña.



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