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Antonio Omedas father is a veterinarian who arrived to Venezuela in 1960, then in 1964 founded the Veterinary Hospital La Castellana, in Caracas, which was very successful and cultivated a very large clientele. Since that time thought of retirement and decided to have an activity of entertainment, because of that he founded the store Don Perro in 1975, in a room adjacent to La Castellana store. In 2001, he opened a shop in Boleíta.

In 2002 opened the first self-service store for pets in Venezuela. The plans for expansion and growth, through the opening of new stores in Venezuela, have been stalled due to political and economic uncertainties facing the country. Since late 2002, the family decided to initiate a project to diversify risk and the family business through the creation of a shop in Barcelona, Spain.

Antonio Omedas son, from Spain, said that in his particular case he has faced the growth of the family business always with the premise to do not assume more investment projects which they are not able to manage, both; operationally and financially.

The generational shift has been made available because their parents are very open, willing to talk, accept different points of view and they know other professionals are better able to develop a task or function within the company. "They are not tied to power and what they would like is to have fewer obligations and tasks to fulfill in order to become more involved in the creative and vision for the company and have more time to develop other activities outside the business. They delegate tasks and functions in people who have been able to respond, and have boosted the growth of the company”, explained Omedas son. "The knowledge that they have a father and a mother is among the most valued assets of Don Pedro. And their opinion, based on more than 30 years of experience, is crucial. Any academic training of children has always been faced with the company’s resources as well as all continue education,” he said.

The succession process has been deliberately planned since about two years ago and still continuously updated. All children have worked in other companies before joining Don Perro. Antonio Omedas son is the head of the company now, elected by family consensus. They have become aware of the importance of seeing the succession as a process and not as an event, and know that the way to handle the succession largely determines the success and continuity of the family business over time. They hope that in time this is done in the most transparent manner, less traumatic and above all to continue the agreements by both parties, to continue to fulfill the mission and vision of the interests of the family at the time.


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